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Blokset Schneider Authorized Low-voltage Switchgear


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  • Product Type

    LV Fixed switchgear, drawer switchgear

    Design Criteria


    Conductor Type

    Cu Bar

    Rated Current




    Rated Voltage




    Product Series

    BLOKSET series low voltage switchgear

  • Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, civil buildings, high-rise buildings, hospitals, squares, cultural and sports facilities, residential and other modern building power distribution devices.

    • Upgraded the BLOKSET low-voltage switchgear cabinet profile from U-profile to C-profile, increasing the effective space of the cabinet and increasing the strength by 10%;

    • Using standardized comb-type stainless steel busbar clamping device to achieve anti-eddy current function of busbar system above 3200A.

    • A cooling cabinet for the control cabinet was developed for this project. The entire cooling system includes ring plates, pillars, fan covers, bolts, screw holes, fans, cabinets and ventilation holes. The sides of the cabinet are provided with ventilation holes, the fan is installed on the top of the cabinet, four pillars are installed on the top of the cabinet, the pillars are located around the fan, the fan cover is installed on the pillar, the fan cover is a folding cover structure, the bottom of the fan cover is equipped with a ring plate, and the ring plate is provided with bolts in the cabinet There are screw holes on the top for assembly and connection. This cooling system uses aerodynamic principles, cold air is drawn in by the cabinet, and hot air is drawn out directly from the top, which has good heat dissipation effect.

    • Operation and maintenance personnel can view related information through WEB and mobile phones. This system can realize the centralized management of distributed sites; fast presentation of core data of electrical assets; grasp the operating status of the power distribution system at any time; intelligent analysis of asset conditions to automatically generate inspection plans; all drawings, operation and maintenance records are permanently stored in the cloud; fault alarm SMS reminder, quickly locate the location and type of the fault; take pictures on the mobile end, and fill in the log to clearly record the maintenance process.