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High/low voltage pre-installed box-type substation (American)


It’s standard equipped with air conditioner to adjust room temperature. And the Integral welding structure ensures operating strength.

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  • Product Type

    Prefabricated substation

    Design standard 

    GB 17467-2010/IEC-62271-202 › High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 202: High-voltage/ low-voltage prefabricated substation

    Conductor Type

    Cu Bar

    Rated capacity




    Rated Voltage

    high-voltage side7.2、12kV/low-voltage side0.4kV



    Product Series


    YB27-12/0.4 American box-type changing ring network system, YB27-12/0.4 American box-type changing terminal system

  • It can be used outdoors or indoors for industrial parks, residential areas, business centers, construction sites and high-rise buildings.

    • The housing is designed with reference to foreign advanced technology and according to the actual situation.It has the characteristics of firm, heat insulation and ventilation, good performance, dustproof, anti-small animals, moisture-proof, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance.There are many choices of housing materials.Such as: aluminum alloy, steel plate, composite plate, stainless steel, non-metallic materials (glass fiber cement)etc.

    • It is composed of transformer, high voltage switchgear, fuse, tap switch, low voltage switch and auxiliary electrical equipment.It is divided into two parts: the front part is the high-voltage and low-voltage operation interval; the front part is the high-voltage cable connector, the high-voltage load switch, the no-load pressure regulating tap switch, the high-voltage plug-in fuse, the pressure release valve, the thermometer, the oil level meter, the oil injection pipe, the oil discharge valve, etc.There are low-voltage bushing, cutter switch, circuit breaker, fuse, thermal relay, transformer, voltmeter, ammeter, electricity meter, etc. In the low-voltage operation interval, the structure is compact.

    • The rear part is the box radiator fin, the transformer winding and the iron core.The main part of the high voltage load switch and protection fuse is also in the rear box, which has good heat dispersion.Dustproof device is installed on the position of the shutter corresponding to the outside of the door panel and side panel.

    • The whole box body is fully sealed with concealed high-strength bolts and silicone sealing cover.Box body fully consider waterproof, safety and easy to operate, three point chain between the door, only after opening the low pressure interval can open the high pressure interval, high security

    • The appearance of the box can be designed according to the surrounding environment of the specific use area. After installation, it will be integrated with the environment and become a highlight of the scenic spot.