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MNSH AC low voltage switchgear


It is a combination type of low voltage switchgear assembled with standard modules, which is mainly used for power generation, transmission, power conversion and power consumption equipment control.

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  • Product Type

    LV Fixed switchgear, drawer switchgear

    Design Standard


    Conductor Type 

    Cu Bar

    Rated Current




    Rated Voltage




    Product Series

    MNSH low volatage swithgear

  • Can be widely used in power plants, substations and large buildings, airports, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises, subway engineering and other low-voltage power distribution system for power supply and distribution.

  • 1: Overall structure layout is beautiful, easy, line is fluent, the division of function unit of drawer is reasonable

    2The main frame is made of C - type open steel or aluminum - clad zinc sheetfull - assembled structure, compact structure.The function rooms of the device are isolated from each other, and the function of each chamber is relatively independent

    3Using standard module design, can be composed of protection operation, conversion, control, regulation, measurement and other standard units.Drawer with moving, testing, breaking, connecting and separating position, mechanical interlock device complete

    4According to the actual needs of users and the field, the outgoing mode of primary load cable and secondary control cable is flexibly combined.Cable room can be cancelled when the installation space provided by the user is small.The main bus belt is selected to be horizontally listed on the top of the cabinet, and the first and second outgoing lines are selected as the type of outgoing lines. This can save the cabinet body width and apply to the smaller power distribution room.When users with load is a more important power load also can choose the lady will take elected level listed in the top of the tank, after a load cable wire, secondary lateral control cable line type, the primary and secondary cable points two separate space arrangement, in the case of constant load to improve the emergency repair the safety of the secondary control circuit