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Photovoltaic Alloy Frame


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  • Product Type Photovoltaic Alloy Frame
    Material Alloy
    Thermal Conductivity ≥220W/m.K
    Neutral salt spray tolerance ≥120h
    Surface treatment Stainless steel sandblast, silver oxide, black oxide, spraying, etc
    Product Series Al profile

  • This frame refers to the fixed frame made of aluminum profiles used for photovoltaic solar panel modules, and the aluminum alloy is used for fixing and sealing solar cell modules, enhancing the strength of modules, extending the service life, and facilitating transportation and installation.

  • 1) The density of  alloy is small, the density of aluminum alloy is close to 2.7g/C.m3, about 1/3 of iron or copper.This ensures the hardness of the Al alloy border material and the specification of the material;

    2) High strength material;

    3) Corrosion resistance;

    4) Easy to process.Good casting performance can be obtained by adding certain alloying elements.