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PZ30 terminal combination distribution box


PZ30 terminal combination electric appliance is mainly composed of box body, panel, mask, installation track, and modular components in the box. 

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  • Product Type

    PZ30 terminal combination distribution box

    Design Standard 


    Conductor Type 

    Cu Bar

    Rated Current




    Rated Voltage




    Product Series


  • It is suitable for power or socket lighting distribution in power distribution systems with 50/60Hz, 380V and below, and rated current of 125A and below.

  • 1. Accumulate many years of experience in product design, research and development, and production. Simple and elegant appearance, exquisite workmanship and stable quality;

    2. Exquisite materials, durable;

    3. The iron panel adopts an integral forming and stretching process, no solder joints, and is not easy to deform;

    4. The panel is divided into metal spray and high-quality plastic;

    5. The box can be customized, the maximum row can be 24M, and the maximum module can be 72M;

    6. The circuit identification adopts replaceable plug-in type;

    7. The grounding adopts high-conductivity and high-quality brass, and the grounding is reliable.