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VW3 Low-voltage Air Circuit-Breaker


The circuit breakers which are really suitable for wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation. It has a total of 4 frame sizes, and the rated current is up to 6,300A.

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  • Product Type

    Low-voltage air circuit breaker

    Design Criteria

    IEC 60947-1,2011,MOD;IEC 60947-2,2006,IDT;GB14048.2-2008,GB14048.1


    High Standard Plastic, Silver plated Copper

    Rated Current




    Rated Voltage


    Breaking capacity


    Product Series


  • industrial power distribution

  • Underpressure tripper;auxiliary contact;Alarm contacts;shunt release;Electric operating mechanism, manual operating mechanism

  • *Small size and compact structure;

    * 4 kinds of shell frame grades, 5 kinds of breaking capacity, can meet the application in various fields of industry and power distribution;

     *5 kinds of intelligent controllers, 4-stage protection, monitoring and protection of various circuit parameters, signal contact input and output, self-diagnosis and fault memory, communication functions;

    * The DOUBLE-speed contact design effectively protects the main contact; 12 contacts are connected in parallel, and the electric repulsion is reduced to 1/12; the electric repulsion is compensated for the contact pressure, which improves the dynamic and thermal stability, thereby increasing the electrical and mechanical life.