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Cable Tray


Wetown support and hanger industry has formed a large-scale production capacity, providing a variety of materials, suitable for a variety of occasions cable bridge, support and hanger products.

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  • Product Type

    Cable tray

    Design Standard

    NEMA-NOVEL 1979


    steel, Al-alloy,glass fiber

    Product Series

    GDQJ/LQJ/BHQ2 cablt tray/Grid bridge



  • In door and out door application for commercial building, oil refining, textiles, mechanics, data center etc, and subway\underground protection projects.

    • Simple structure, anti-crossion,fast heat dissipation, convenient erection and free of maitenance;

    • Cost saving and long life span.

    • Optional for galvanized cable tray, hot dip galvanized cable tray, long span cable tray, fire spray plastic cable tray, Al- alloy cable tray, ladder cable tray, modular cable tray, stainless steel cable tray,etc.

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