Smart Wire


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  • 1Product TypeSmart wire
    2Standard sizediameter 0.15-0.5mm
    3Conductor TypeCu
    4Surface treatmentTin plated or customized
    6Yield strength<75 MPa
    7Design StandardGB/T 11091-2005,GB/T 2059-2008,GB/T 351-1995,GB/T 4340.1/2/3-1999,GB/T 228-2002
    8Product SeriesPhotovoltaic welding
    Wire  diameter(mm)Copper base diameter(mm)Tin thickness(mm)One side thickness tolerance(mm)Yield strength(MPa)Tensile strength(MPa)Extensibility (%)Bending (mm/m)±0.005<75> 170>20<3±0.005<75> 170>20<3±0.005<75> 170>20<3
    0.2750.250.0125±0.005<75> 170>20<3
    0.320.270.025±0.005<75> 170>20<3
    0.350.30.025±0.005<75> 170>20<3
    0.370.320.025±0.005<75> 170>20<3
    0.410.360.025±0.005<75> 170>20<3
    0.420.370.025±0.005<75> 170>20<3
  • Mainly soldered to the main grid line of the cell, it is used to connect the solar cell, collect and transmit the Photovoltaic modules current.

  • 1) Can be customized.

    2) Stable quality.

    3) Standard production chain and automatic line ensure fast delivery.

    4) Passed SGS testing certification, fully in line with the European ROHS directive standards.