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VP Digital Multifunction Power Meter


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  • Product NameVP Digital Multifunction Power Meter
    Design CriteriaIEC 62052-11,IEC 62053-22,IEC 62053-23
    Rated Current16A-800A
    Rated VoltageAC 400V
    Product SeriesVP Series

  • Hospitals, railways, airport

  • >Equipped with installation tenons on both sides, it can be installed and modified on site without using any external tools

    >The thickness of the instrument is small, saving space in the cabinet

    >The standard LCD display screen is standard for all series, which provides a more comfortable reading experience, and the standard four-button operation is more convenient

    Power quality analysis

    >Measure the system's total harmonic distortion rate THD, effectively analyze the system's harmonic pollution

    >2-31 times each harmonic component function

    International standard

    >The accuracy of electric energy reaches 0.5S, in line with IEC62053-22, IEC62053-23 and the international general electric energy metering accuracy requirements.

    >The test standard conforms to IEC62052-11, and the product meets European CE and RoHS requirements

    High security level

    >Set password to maintain setting information to prevent tampering with integrated data

    Remote control

    >The instrument realizes a variety of switch input terminals to collect switch status

    >Maximum standard 4 switch input, with switch output, electric energy pulse, analog output

    Power management

    >Automatically display the demand values of four parameters (active power, reactive power, apparent power, current)

    Note: For the above functions, please refer to the corresponding function code and configuration in the technical parameter table.